Publishing Basics

Finding Your Path to Success – Continued

  • Understand the Process – Publishing isn’t quick.

Despite the many self-publishing options available, the process of producing quality writing and distributing great books remains a process. A slow process, with uncertain yields unless you’re willing to put in the time and effort to know understand where your book fits.  This could be a few months or even years depending on your genre. Don’t however let the clock influence you and make a mistake. Our advice to new writers and even discouraged seasoned vets, keep on writing. All great works go through delays and revisions but you must remember you want your book to look and feel it’s best in order to increase its’ likelihood of success in the market. This is especially true for self-publishers. You don’t want your book, brand, to be saddled with the dreaded – great idea bad execution; out of its’ time.

  • Trends End – Don’t Chase the Fashionable

A common mistake writers make, and even some publishers, is trying to create the next (fill in the blank). You can like what’s popular, want to learn and know what makes it successful in the market to influence your style, but be wary of trying to duplicate – recreate (cookie cutter) any one idea. In an attempt to hasten success that way, you can actually damage your publishing brand. One thing every author, publisher, writer needs to understand is your audience wants your voice. Authenticity is a key to success as much as producing something similar to. You may have the next big thing in your midst but if it looks too much like what’s already out there, your voice will find difficulty being heard no matter how much time is put into producing it.

  • Forget about the Wealth – Do it For the Love

Whether you’re creative exercising or hoping to sell your great biography to Hollywood one thought to be aware of. Money is not your priority. You may be interested in financial success for your project. You want to reap the benefits of being published. For new writers especially though, this is true, money cannot be your motivation. Let’s be clear. Book advances are a rarity in traditional publishing and bestselling self-published books are almost mythical. This doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t profit from your work. Authors, writers, need to be prepared and understand there is no quick success in this industry. No matter what you may have heard there is no guaranteed get rich scheme in publishing. Time and effort are the only foundation to ensure success and even in that there is only a guarantee you’ll put your best foot forward not necessarily make the bestseller list.

I assure you though, if you love to write, and if you’re willing to put in the time and energy to do it well, it’s worth going for it. Pursue it!

A good story with great characters, told well, will definitely sell every time.


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