Together We're Drawing the Vision

Together We’re Drawing A New Vision

A popular politician once quoted, “Corporations are people too my friend.”

If this is true then, choosing a partner – a company who cares for both the public and private image of you, is potentially the most profitable decision you could ever make.

In fact, Finding a friend or better a group of friends to help you reach your goals in spreading God’s awesome message. How powerful could it be, if you had someone (a company) to help you promote your idea, to share your voice? A company whose design and purpose is solely about producing the word inside of you? Life in Print is that very solution.

We’re your professional media design and publication company. We provide our authors and publishers more than marketing and distribution access. We are the engine to help you drive your voice, your passion, to an audience – the audience that’s waiting for you!

At Life in Print we don’t just assemble pages, we help you build bridges to connect with people who are looking beyond a moment to be inspired. We help authors reach readers yearning to experience a powerful and engaging message. Life in Print illustrates quality plain and simple. We help you find and identify your audience, an audience which wants the meal you’ve prepared, let us help you refine yours today.

We assist our authors in creating life impacting publications from fiction to nonfiction. Our authors and readers find a renewed strength in their voice, if you’re looking to share your seeds of powerful faith spreading God’s message with others.

Life in print is the corporate partner you need.


A development of the Stone& Burgundy Group (A CN Life Initiative), Life in Print is an independent publishing house – a Christian publishing House. Our priority is ensuring the message is heard and received as it is intended with only the truth as a filter to establish what’s being built.