Developing Beyond Your Digital Footprint

help-me-1157553-640x480It doesn’t take much to create a digital footprint. In fact, nowadays, it’s fairly simple to exploit your digital footprint to earn from publishing – often with little to no real expertise. A friend of a friend recommends something that you may or may not like, and you make money off it. It’s just that easy to make the most off your digital signature. The key though is consistency.

To build your presence or fortify your signature digitally requires your voice be heard above the noise of various marketing schemes and fake trials. (Buy this or try that)

Your voice, your expertise, must meet a certain level of consistency. Not only should it hold it’s worth but also grow in value…What you relay must do what you say. Not so much perhaps to your core network of supporters. But to grow beyond a base existence into long term success your digital word must match your offline word of reliability. More simply said , “your word must be good.

Whether you’re professionally publishing or blogging part time; as a writer your word must be good. That can be read entertaining. It can mean trustworthy. It could even mean simply readable (a mediocre enjoyable experience pays for some). Regardless of the stature your reliability or trust if you prefer is your signature that what you’re marketing can be trusted to deliver and therefore okay to be shared. Point of fact, “if you can’t be trusted it can’t be trusted”.

Learning this will help make your marketing publishing campaign, not to mention your life that much more likely to yield big success.

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