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DToney-Embrace FaithEmbrace of Faith

By Deborah A. Toney

The truth may not always be easy to explain. 
It may not always be simple to follow either, but right will guide you all the way. Leading you to that great resting place, the arms of God whose word says of you, You Can! It’s not only possible. It’s destined. All you’ve been asked, all you’’re told to do is stand and believe. 

Can you summon the strength to do it, when you don’t understand? 

Embrace of faith is a personal story of triumph. A message of the courageous steps necessary to hear and receive, God said. It is so! 

It’s a personal word sowing seeds to provide you this harvest. If you believe in your purpose, you know God doesn’t make mistakes. Don’t mince words. Stand up and embrace what he told you. 

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