Your Audience is Waiting

Ready or not, your next book needs to be making its way to reaching your audience.

Before you begin writing or considering sequel or something new you need to consider a few things.

Before you begin ask yourself honestly;

    1. Do I have a cover – marketing plan in mind?
    2. What kind of book am I writing?
    3. Is this for my audience or am I stretching myself too far too soon?

These three questions are amongst the myriad of thoughts authors encounter when working on new material. Of the three however the one that is most important to build a successful career at writing and publishing is – who is my audience and is this what they want from me? Is this really my best quality for my reader or the average consumer?

At Life in Print, we want you to help you answer this question and many more. We want to help you be the success you expect and your audience will help make you. In that thought, we want to help you discover who your audience is – where you can find them. Then how we can help you create what your audience is listening/ looking for. We’re your partner in making publishing the rewarding profession, writing the incredible opportunity, to share your passion with others.

You can start today by refining; developing your digital footprint.

Read more on Expanding your Audience  and Growing Beyond Your Digital Footprint by downloading  your free author guide Here.

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