Embrace of Faith

A Personal Message with corporate reach.

DToney-Embrace Faith

Some Connections are worth more than words

Birmingham, Al. – Envisioning the height of success, what do you do when all you have looks to be falling apart? By Minister Deborah A. Toney, Embrace of Faith is a personal look through the window of the struggles of faith.

It may not always look pretty but how you respond when the pressure’s on. Sure of what you believe, Certain you’re on the right road. How do you answer the call when things don’t look as promising as you’d hoped or expected.

Embrace of Faith is Minister Toney’s enduring lesson from the first call of ministry to learning to push forward with determined faith and appreciating when everything God said seems to be coming apart at the seams .

This quick inspirational read shows you openly the answer to the question – How do you Go forward when convention screams at you to turn back?

Embrace your faith! Remind yourself who first sparked the passion. Available Now – Don’t wait another moment! Today is the perfect time to

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