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Arriving in time for Spring…

Faith-Power5aFAITH… Connecting You to the Power

by T.R. Lavelle

Change begins with Change – To Change Your World You Need to Change Your Thinking of the World

Listen to hear, Hear to receive; Put it, your new faith, to action.

Be strong and courageous. Words not only given to inspire Joshua (Joshua 1:9) but a foundational truth – the spiritual strength you need today. Fear is the enemy of progress and action (especially uncertainty). Taking this simple thought to task will give you more than enough needed encouragement through the days when you might feel tempted to turn back.  Joshua 1:9 goes further in setting a promise. The Lord is with you wherever you go.

Your ability to trust (His Promise and Power to deliver) is the power you need to influence your thoughts and change the heart of your decisions.  Why follow someone who doesn’t know where he’s going and trust they know the way to lead you there?

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