Helping You

Become the Author You Envision

Making the decision to publish with Life in Print is…

Growing the Conversation

Growing the Conversation

  1. A testimony of strength in the author publisher bond. We want to be part of your writing circle!
  2. An endorsement of partnering to produce powerful impactful works.
  3. The most solid foundation for sharing and growing in the wisdom of the written Word of God

At Life In Print, we don’t just speak of faith. We distribute, writing and producing, works of a biblical texture with life experience; life in view of Christ’s teachings throughout the bible. Storms watering the thirsty and washing away the loosely attached… At Life in Print, our voice is your voice. With one voice we’re speaking the same language of you.

From songwriting/ poetry to study guides and continuing education; short stories and even full length fiction/ novels, we offer the power of truth and the eternal spring of delivering hope. As believers we express and distribute a simple message… Life is in the freedom you choose to BE!

With our development and distribution partners, our entire focus is you (writers and publishers). From study and research, to management and marketing, we work with our authors to bring the best of the Word to people looking through the worst lens of life.

Our publications are written to inspire, designed to foster, with our authors/ publishers we want  you to be empowered to BE!