2016 – Here’s to New Opportunities

signing-the-contract-1512122-639x458We Welcome You to join us in celebrating the arrival of powerful new messages and awesome new authors.

Life in Print is happy you’re taking a moment to pursue the written word. We further encourage you to take this time and enjoy some powerful new reads from our partners and fellow author’s personal archives. These wonderful blessings would not be available without you and your support. Your faith and trust provide the foundation we constantly strive to build on. We thank you and share our hope we can continue providing you powerful messages for these serious times.

We further welcome aboard our new authors, new readers and visitors. Entering this New Year, we entreat you to enjoy a wealth of inspiration, a powerful library flowing with joyful new throngs of encouragement. May you find the success and joy promised, in God’s Holy Word – the happiness and health available to you in this life – the life of His son Jesus.


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